I am what you would call a “late bloomer” when it comes to queer issues and equal rights. This is probably due to that fact that I didn’t feel comfortable publicly identifying as queer until my mid 20’s. As a child I dressed like a boy and cut my hair short and asked people to […]


Dear nephew, First things first: welcome to the world!!! We have been waiting over 9 months to meet you, or at least that’s the rumor. The doctors have all said that you’ve been running late on your arrival, but I’m pretty sure you are right on time.  As I’m writing this, you haven’t been born […]


When I ask for more of yesterday, And your eyes say, DON’T DO THAT. My heart swells And splinters And cracks Like wood that’s been slowly marinated in moisture from a fog that just can’t contain the pressure of itself anymore. Then I tell you, MY HEART HAS JUST CRACKED. And you slip far away […]

9/11 and I

In September of 2001, felt as if I were on the edge of becoming a mad woman, though I was still only a 19 year old girl. I was a budding alcoholic with both feet over the invisible line that crosses us into the place from whence many of us “a-holics” never return. I “lived” […]

Brutal Loss

I had a few moments of reprieve from the grief that so many of us felt last night. I turned on “Bachelor In Paradise,” to make myself laugh. I chatted with my girlfriend and helped pack and organize for our upcoming backpacking trip. But these were just moments. The sadness weighs constantly and heavily on […]