There once was a little girl who lived in a forest with great word spinning giants.
In case you didn’t know, there are many different species of fairy tale giants, and word spinning ones happen to be the rarest and most talented of the bunch.
Instead of spending their days smelling the blood of englishmuns and counting gold pieces, word-spinning giants have a far more important task.
When words are born, they float around above us like small blue balloons. They begin untethered and disconnected from each other in a sad senseless way indeed, until a wordy giant appears with a magical, glittering net and scoops them all together right out of the air and brings them to a special workshop inside the core of an apple that is the size of 3 houses and who’s energy is somehow felt all over the world. Then the giants sit, or lie down, or masturbate a few times, or do whatever feels comfortable for them, and take to the task of spinning the words together into stories. And when most common people read these stories spun by giants, their hearts are never the same and they find themselves forever changed and the world is a better place.

The little girl dreamed of growing big and tall and becoming a word spinning giant, because she secretly wanted to change the world too. Ever since she could remember she would go into the forest and grab the words that floated not so high in the sky and little closer to her level with her homemade net and spin little stories of her own. She would secretly follow the real giants around and stay up late into the night reading every story they spun.

But The girl knew she was nowhere near being a giant, as a matter of fact, every time she trudged through her side of the forest to the water’s edge to look at her reflection, what she saw staring back was the smallest and blurriest version possible of herself. She would sit in her tiny tree stump spinning her tiny stories only to share them with the forest animals who couldn’t talk back. She had a feeling her stories were maybe above average, but again, she was certainly no giant. Because the girl was afraid of failing at becoming a real giant, she distracted herself from the idea by moving around her side of the forest a lot and falling in love with strange mystical forest animals who eventually left her for less interesting but prettier animals who didn’t ask so many questions.

Then one day after coming back from another session of staring at her tiny blurry self in the water, she saw a sign advertising a sort of weird writing rumpus party where common people were encouraged to attend, and it was hosted by two of the giants the little girl admired the most.

The little girl almost shit her little girl pants at the idea of actually talking to these particular giants, let alone writing with them.
She could never do something like that, she would never be good enough and it would be embarrassing, even her own reflection told her so.
As the little girl turned to walk back to her tree stump, a fairy suddenly appeared (because this is a fairy tale) and told her to cut the crap. But like in a firm but sweet fairy way that was sprinkled with fairy dust.

The little girl mustered up all of her courage and most of her little girl savings and headed out with her kind of janky homemade net for a long journey across the forest to attend the weird writing rumpus with giants. She felt totally nuts, extremely terrified, and a little excited too.

The little girl knew she had arrived when she looked around the forest and saw that she was surrounded by rain and moss and flowers and really overly nice people who cared about how the meat they ate was treated before it was killed.

She milled around the party for a bit, chatting nervously with the others, a knot in her stomach growing so big and making her want to run away back to her tiny side of the forest where she belonged.

Suddenly, the earth below her feet shook, and the birds flew out of the trees, and the nervous chatter ceased all together. When the little girl looked up and up and up, she saw the giants she admired had arrived, and they were walking right up to her to say hello.

The girl couldn’t believe what was happening, and she was a little overwhelmed at how beautiful and badass looking the giants were in person.

“Uh, um, uh, hi.” Was all she could stammer.

The party continued and the little girl started to relax a bit, especially after eating some food because that always seemed to help when she felt nervous.

Eventually everyone sat down at a giant table and the giants suggested that anyone with a story of their own was welcome to share it. The little girls mouth clamped shut. There was NO WAY she was sharing anything of hers with real wordy giants. One of the giants, who had magic ears which gave her the power to listen to people so they actually felt heard, put her giant face right up to the little girls’ and asked her to please share a story.

And the little girl felt safe and empowered and loved,so she began to read her little story. And when she looked up she could see that the giant’s expressions had changed, and they were looking at her with excitement and wonder.

“That was beautiful.” Said the giant who had recently doubled down on her morning masturbation and was feeling quite good that particular morning.

“Yes it was,” said the giant with the magic ears. “Thank you. You are a very special giant indeed.”

“But I am just a little girl! I’m not a giant!” the little girl protested.

The little girl ran to the nearest waters edge to check her reflection, and what stared back was her same tiny blurry self.

“It’s right here in my reflection,” She said. “Anyone can see.”

The freshly orgasmed giant who also happened to be very experienced with all things water related came up behind the little girl and whispered in her ear.

“You know, we don’t often see ourselves clearly when we stay on the edge. Venture into deeper water and look at yourself from there.”

The little girl waded out a little further into the pond and waited for the ripples in the water to settle before searching for her reflection. What she saw staring back at her wasn’t a little girl at all but a big beautiful giant with a glittering new magic word catching net resting on her giant shoulder.

Holy shit! I really AM a giant!” She exclaimed.

“Don’t you know, giant girl, that you are the same size as us?” They said. “You have been a giant all along, you just couldn’t see it. But we have been here, waiting to help you go deeper and see yourself clearly, so you can spin stories and change lives with us just as you were born to do.”

And right there on the spot the giant girl cut the crap, and that’s exactly what she did.



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